Floating Charms in all Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Widths, Thick and Thin that vary for that fun touch to your Locket.
These are stock photos and might differ slightly when received.  Any questions, just email us.
Floating Charms $4.00
There are over 700 Floating Charms in this section alone to choose from. Be sure to scroll and carefully select each choice as there are many in the drop down list. Check several names or nick names for charms as they may be listed under a different name that you are not use to. "Also note that when a symbol of a heart is in the charm name we write out "heart". Many with stones in them are listed starting with "CZ" so be sure to check that area in the list. These charms help you make a statement of your personality or the personality of the one receiving the lovely gift. Enjoy browsing and we hope you find a few charms that suit and show off YOUR Personality! Select your charm then click Order Now. You are able to change the quantity in the cart or check out page. These charms fit many brands of lockets including the Origami Owl brand. We have been providing the Living Life Lockets and floating charms since 2009. If you just cannot find your charm in the drop down list, we realize it is very long, just email us. We can either call you or send you the exact name in the drop down list so it is easier for you to find and select that charm. It is helpful to have a description or page name and or number that you are on. Click on Contact us and send a quick note. We will get back to you the same day, usually within 1-4 hours tops.
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Floating Charms
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