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Crystal Birthstone Heart
Beautiful heart charms made of crystal. Hearts can represent your birthstone, your love, or used in spelling of a word. I.E. I (heart) U., I.E. I (crystal heart) (coffee charm). Color crystals added to your locket will make the other colors in your locket charms pop! August is shown. (enlarged). Approximately 5mm.
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September-Blue Sapphire-Healing
April-White Spinel-Purity
October-Rose Sapphire-Clear Thinking
December-Blue Zircon-Communication
These are stock photos and might differ slightly when received.  
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Once you have selected your Locket and General Floating Charms adding a couple sparkles of color is a great way to accent
your other charms inside your locket.  The added color and sparkle will help the colors and styles of your general charms pop.
The crystal charms can also be used in a Locket without any other charms for a special color affect
or even use as birthstones for a "Mother's Locket".

We have the Swarovski Round and Butterfly Floating charms in Birthstone and other accent colors.  Also available are the
Crystal Hearts in Birthstone colors.  Be sure to check out other crystal accent shapes and colors on the Accent Charm page.
SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Round Floating Charms
Swarovski Crystal Butterflies
Swarovski Crystal
Swarovski Crystals in Birthstone Months Round Shape. These add the most sparkle when they are reflecting the light in many directions. There is the name Swarovski, that stands for the highest quality crystal in our market. Use to represent someone's birthday or just add some needed color to your charm collection in your locket. The cute Butterfly is available and has many colors to choose from. They are so adorable! There are now 6 accent rounds also available in the most unusual colors! Many stores sell these for $16-22! Please select Month, Accent Color, or Butterfly and then Click Order Now. This is for 1 floating charm.
Swarovski Birthstone
Swarovski Butterfly
Swarovski Accent Colors
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Crystal Floating Charms
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